What is this life about…
I have asked this question to myself (and sometimes maybe even to the reader in my Instagram stories); Sometimes out of conscious curiosity, sometimes with this sort of nihilistic shut mind already with a answer, “its just bleh meaningless”. But sometimes some series of events just lead me to this question, I wouldn’t push myself into it; Just life happening as it always does that leaves me tattered, bewildered and exhausted, leaving me with, “is this what it’s all about? and will it keep on going on round and round and up and down and again and again…Just this meaningless existence filled with fool’s gold…”

You now ask do I have some answers to this?…Nah, not really fam. I just got some tiny hope and belief and a lot more questions. For every time I think I figured something, life presents me with more questions. But the more questions only tell me I can perhaps keep digging and I would’ve more and more to consume and ponder and then I’d come up with more questions. This is perhaps the reason philosophy is so vast…or maybe just because EVERYONE HAS OPINIONS; the smarter ones last long enough to be printed in books. Nonetheless this #MyFirstMediumArticle (make sure to Clap, Comment and Subscribe ;) ) is not about the questions…It’s about the Hope and Belief I have in life not being meaningless.

In hindsight it all comes off as some cheap shit to me too fam, part of me somewhere also feels I am writing all of this because somewhere I have developed a sense of ego of being someone who knows any better because he tripped on some psychedelics ( Fucking dope ass ones for real dawg). But at the same time, I hold those experiences so dearly close to me because they probably carry the most weight any experience has ever carried. They have been the one to wake me up a little, give me a nice shrug and hug and I somewhere wish people to experience it as well, so I can find more Hippies I can relate with :P . But jokes apart, I do want more people to realize that their possessions, their problems, their success, their desires are so hollow sometimes if one really cares to look deep inside.

But maybe it’s just me with this hollowed sense of existence and you guys do know any better, maybe you have been gifted with the fruits of the awareness and BEING and got it all figured out and have real solid answers and reasons for all your actions. Common Sense tells me to believe otherwise but let’s give them benefit of doubt my mind says. But my mind also told me to do drugs in first place…

So for this article I ask my dear readers to ASSUME (to assume is the one thing that #engineering really taught me good) my common sense is right, and so are the other hippies, some religions and some mystics (which/whom I haven’t really read thoroughly but “whatsapp pe padha tha” ). After you’re done reading the article you can let go of this wretched assumption if you desire. Now since we have already made our hypothesis that, “Rohan’s common sense is right” here’s what he likes to believe in after much contemplation, discussions, YouTube binges, Joe-Rogan podcasts, occasional reading of books (pretty rare but there) and psychedelics of-course.

The essence of life is in this timeless sense of Being. To accept that one is no different from any other creature (Not just humans, but rather any and every creature) in this cosmos. We all are more than tissues, muscles and bones. There’s more to us and that thing whatever it is, is in every living being.
That fundamental thing which is the ensign of being alive is all what life is about (See my theory has some cool Paradoxes in it too). It’s that energy (let’s call it ENERGY i.e. force*displacement for the lack of words in my poor lexicon) which makes us feel alive. The prime of this energy is to sustain itself. It thrives when life thrives. To be more in sync with that force that energy or whatever word you use to associate with this “ALIVE” is all there is. It’s more than a feeling (cos feelings are just hormones i.e. That Energy in some sense is a super-set, you can feel that energy but it’s more than that.)

It’s in love, it’s in empathy, it’s in passion, it’s in dancing recklessly with your crew in clubs, it’s in playing with that cute puppy, it’s in driving that car at crazy speeds, it’s in that football match, it’s in that guitar solo…It’s in all of those little moments where we find ourselves in this state not worrying about future, past, our problems, our responsibilities, our pride, our prejudice, when we are out of our brains and into the moment. We do things to find ourselves to connect with this mysterious thing. To come to the present and to let go of all that is not of this moment. For life only exists in the NOW, the past is dead, the future is yet to be. All life, all being is right here in the present.

So my hope and belief as feeble and inconsequential as it maybe is to do things that make us conscious of this life energy, do things that makes life thrive and since this life exists in the NOW, do things that bring us to the present. I always find myself lacking sufficient wisdom to be able to put in words the auspiciousness of “Being in the Moment” because it’s a pursuit I’m still chasing myself and experienced only very few times. But my hope lies in it because for the times I did feel it I was at peace like none other.

done. That’s all there is.
I’ll end it with a quote from a OG gangsta because some of you may have questions if you do believe in what I tried to convey and I hope to answer it with this quote.
“Goals are for dead people. Goals are always in the future but life is always in the Now.” — Osho